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Cee Bar Retreats Where women

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New Mexico's Best Women's Retreat! 

Located on the historic Llano Estacado, just outside of the quaint little town of Tatum, the Cee Bar (C-) Ranch is home to eastern

New Mexico’s newest Retreat, designed and carefully planned where women can create and rejuvenate.  An educational camp, Cee Bar Retreats is the BEST of women's retreats.

Don't worry about the dishes darling....we will load the dishwasher.  (But we will admit we hate to unload it!)  Your meals, snacks and drinks are taken care of by the Ranch Cowgirls.  We do our best to take care of special needs and request.  Just don't make us try to duplicate ole Aunt Edith's Eggnog.... that stuff will make a girls head spin!

We have some very talented  friends out there!  If you have a date in mind for a retreat and would like for us to customize your educational opportunities, we are just the two to get the job done! 

Quilting Retreat in New Mexico!

Located on the historic Llano Estacado, just outside of the quaint little town of Tatum, the Cee Bar (C-) Ranch is home to eastern New Mexico’s newest Retreat, designed and carefully planned for women to create and rejuvenate.

Relax in the former home of famed “Dessie Sawyer” among beautiful fine art collections, featuring original works of Montana artists Beth Loftin, James Poulson and Stephanie Revennaugh.  Enjoy the captivating art work of “CA” (cowboy artist) Jack Swanson,  artist and illustrator Till Goodan, and the local styling's of artist Curtis Fort. 

Other collections that adorn the sprawling Mediterranean home, where all the guest of the retreat are housed under the same roof in beautiful bedrooms with adjoining baths, are an extensive collection of American Indian art, Navajo rugs, Hopi Pottery and finely crafted Native American Silversmith work. 

Enjoy fun and whimsical collections of McCoy, Roseville, and Weller Pottery, may items available for purchase.  Said to be one of the finest collections of Western Dinnerware, your all inclusive stay will see that your meals, which will be  prepared for you on site by our very own culinary genius Cindy Stamps, are served to you using these special and delightful pieces. 

While staying as a guest in this 10,000 plus square foot private home, you will find great beds, fresh linens and a warm welcome by home and ranch owner Bethe Cunningham, which she owns with her husband Cutter. 

Best Friends since the first day of first grade, Bethe Terry–Cunningham and Cindy Ayres-Stamps are the creative geniuses behind Cee Bar Ranch Retreats. These two friends were “cut out” to be super models but weren’t quite “sewn up”  correctly so they have opted to live their lives filled with fun and laughter.  They  have great senses of humor, delightfully quirky personalities and some good,  old-fashioned common sense.  They are exactly the kind of gals you will enjoy.  Besides, one of them was actually homecoming queen.  (And the other one should have been, but she is over it.)

Select your special retreat or create your own experience for us to host for you.  From Quilt Retreats to Birthday Parties, we are here to allow you to “let the girls out”.  We “shoo” our husbands away and it is a time for total relaxation and privacy for you and your friends. Stay in your pajamas or ball gowns all day! 

Every retreat features one special evening “Birthday Party” with cake and ice cream (no calorie counting allowed) and a delightful gift exchange where, if after you open the gift you have selected you find a hankering for your friends gift, you can steal it during the “grab game”.  Guaranteed fun for all.  Gifts are provided by Bethe and Cindy from their “Jackie and Jeanette Gift Shop” as our special thanks to all of you for joining us. 

Sit and read from a great selection of books that you will find scattered through the home, or bring that stack of magazines or a steamy western romance you have been meaning to read.

For quilting, sewing, or crafting you will enjoy the time spent in the lovely atrium that is large, light filled and equipped with items to assist you in creating a masterpiece.    (You will need bring your own sewing machines.)

Open year round and any day of the week you select, we are available for that last minute  “let’s get outta here retreat”.   We think our three day and two night, and our four day and three night stays are excellent choices.

 We have qualified and truly wonderful instructors, teachers and shop owners who can make your retreat a fantastic learning experience.  Or, you can arrange for your own instructors and / or self guided retreat.  We have off site facilities that are available if needed.

This is your invitation to join us.  Contact us anytime, early or late.  We will do our best to accommodate you and your girlfriends. 

Yours truly,

 Bethe and Cindy